Anvarol – The Alternative Answer To Anavar (Oxandrolone, Oxandrin)

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What Is Anvarol?


The anabolic steroid Anavar now has a legal, far healthier and way more efficient alternative. By targeting and enhancing the phosphocreatine synthesis process in muscle tissues, you can use Anvarol to gain lean mass faster while losing fat just as fast.

Why Choose Anvarol?

Legal, safe 100% natural, 100% effective. All in one herbal steroid.

The way it manages muscle functions is outstanding. From nitrogen retention, ATP regeneration and phosphocreative balancing, Anvarol does this and more.

Your cutting cycles, or fat burning exercises, can go on for longer, burn more calories and fat, and get you to the eventual finish line sooner than any other product.

It does all this within the boundaries of safety and with absolutely no side-effects.

The vegetable-based Anvarol is ideal for men and women, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

No injections or prescriptions are required to buy this free product that ships worldwide. The pills are convenient and taken before workouts, making this a one-second answer to lean muscle building, fat burning, and getting healthy and sexy.

5 Reasons To Buy Anvarol

1. It’s ideal for both men and women, cuts fat and adds lean muscle mass according to each hormonal type so women needn’t worry about looking too butch and men needless to say get their lean forms.

2. The way your cells conduct and regulate fluids (a process called Vascularity) is greatly enhanced.

3. You don’t need prescriptions or injections to use Anvarol, which is the safest alternative to Anavar (an anbolic steroid).

4. Your lean muscle is maitained while only your subcutaneous and visceral fat is taken out of the picture. It almost feels like the herbal product ‘thinks’.

5. You gain more power, strength, and muscle density and hardness.

How Anvarol Works?

By targeting the phosphocreative process, Anvarol kickstarts the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) regeneration levels too. This means you get added bursts of speed during exercise time, especially when weightlifting. After all, muscle contraction needs bursts of energy and ATP provides that.

This whole natural process is enhanced and multiplied by Anvarol so you get a more sustained muscle contraction energy burst period. More phosphocreatine levels, more ATP, more energy to keep exercising for longer and effectively.

Cutting cycles benefit the most from this because the longer you do them at a stretch the faster your fat levels reduce. Even water retention goes out the window.

How Anvarol Can Help You?

From your stamina and endurance levels to a body that’s all beautiful lean muscle and no celluloidal fat, Anvarol has the ability to get you healthy and happy faster than any other steroid. Designed to work on the way your muscles behave during routines, Anvarol tagets ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels and prolongs your exercise routines by amping up your natural energies.

In addition to that, the lean muscle it focuses on building while slicing off the fat is almost like surgery, given how well this product works.

Anvarol - Frequently Asked Questions

Steroids Mimics

Anavar, Oxandrolone, Oxandrin

Brand Name


Recommended Dosage

3 Pills with water approx. 15 mins after your workout

Non-Workout Day

You should take 1 pill with each main meal of the day, but no more than 3 Pills per day.

Recommended Cycle

2 Months ON and 1.5 Weeks OFF.

Serving per Bottle

90 Pills

Recommended Stack

Cutting Stack Read More

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