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What Is Bathmate?


The penis enlargement pump Bathmate is a 100% safe and proven means to increase the size of your manhood. Relying on the natural properties of water pressure, this hydro pump device is easy, safe and comfortable. Regular use can result in better results.

Why Choose Bathmate?

Not only does it lengthen the entire penis, it also promotes girth increase and outstanding rock-hard erections without any pain or discomfort.

It works on natural scientifically backed up principles and maintains your new penis size for several hours. Regular use can lead to better results.

The simple click-n-go money back guarantee makes it possible for you to get a full refund in case the product has proven not to work for you.

5 Reasons to Buy Bathmate

1. In addition to addressing floppy penis syndrome and penis bending, Bathmate influences the entire penis shaft. The girth and length of your penis both see amazing increase in dimensions; including the foreskin, if you are uncut.

2. Its usage is versatile; you can use the Bathmate in the shower, bathtub or air (with water only inside the pump).

3. Using only one hand you can attach it aptly where needed and not worry about it falling off. This is one of the most convenient things about the Bathmate penis pump; as long as you do not deliberately shake it off.

4. It is scientifically backed up, clinically trial-tested and comes with absolutely no sideffects.

5. You can also use the Bathmate to help increase your penis size and promote healthy masturbation by using the specially designed Ultramax pleasure ring that fits over the penis head and encourages normal ejaculation.

How Bathmate Works?

By expanding the tissues in your penis, Bathmate creates an ideal painless vacuum. Given a recovery time of 24-48 hours between sessions, regular use of the Bathmate consistently increases this tissue count and naturally adds inches to your manhood.

Such near-permanent expansion causes your penis to get longer and wider thanks to increased blood flow into the penis. This in turn produces steel-hard erections.

Length and girth gains (.25 to .75 inches length; .5 to 1.25 inches girth) stay anywhere from 4-24 hours. The new dimensions remain during erections and sex, as well as afterwards when the penis goes limp.

In addition to erection strength, regular use of Bathmate can impart permanent length and girth increases; these will be simple and natural so do not expect massive enhancements.

Use it in the shower and watch as it naturally induces an erection. Maintain the device for 10 minutes. You will be well hung in no time. Make sure to get plus-size condoms. Customer reviews have said that after they used Bathmate, regular condoms do not even fit around the head and Trojan Magnum condoms become exceedingly tight.

How Bathmate Can Help You?

It lengthens, hardens, straightens and cures (particularly ‘pee’ problems). There have even been reports of sperm count increase and sperm mobility that allowed some couples who couldn’t get pregnant before to see success in this area. Bathmate is the answer to all your sexual performance demands.

Bathmate - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Bathmate?

If you're looking for #1 Penis hydropump in Singapore, then Bathmate is right choice for you. Dr. Recommended #1 Selling Penis Pump in Singapore!

Brand Name

DX Products Ltd (Original Bathmate Manufacturer)

Worldwide Popularity

Over 1,000,000+ units sold worldwide

Do I need to have any sort of prescription?

No, you don’t need any prescription to buy this pump.

Money-Back Guarantee

60 Days Money Full Moneyback Guarantee

Does it fit to my size?

Select according to your size, there are four different sizes available:

  1. Upto 5 inches (Small) - Hydromax X20 Series
  2. Between 5 - 7 Inches (Medium) - Hydromax X30
  3. Between 7 - 9 Inches (Large) - Hydromax X40
  4. More than 9 Inches (Extra Large) - HydroMax X50 Xtreme

Note: Sizes mentioned here are erect length


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