Height Growth Factor Plus – Why Dream Tall When You Can Be It?

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What Is Growth Factor Plus?


This ideal human growth supplement is the one and only product that has shown remarkable results. It uses the natural growth hormones in your own body to create building blocks for joint, cartilage and bone growth. With an ideal blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs, you will not find a more wholesome growth supplement on the market.

Why Choose Growth Factor Plus?

While 6-8 inch growths are not realistic, you can still see amazing growth possibility of 1-3 inches in the stipulated time frame.

It has a unique patented growth factor blend that is not available anywhere else on the market.

Targeting adaptable and growable cartilage areas in your knees and spine, Growth Factor Plus works with what you already have and ensures ideal growth.

5 Reasons To Buy Growth Factor Plus

1. It is herbal and all natural, making it safe for use.

2. It is sideffect-free and needs no prescriptions or needles.

3. Not only does it help you grow, it also supports bones and joints.

4. No more HGH (Human Growth Hormone) injections. This supplement has it all and more.

5. You can visibly grow 1-3 inches, guaranteed.

How Height Growth Factor Plus Works?

You have 24 vertebrae in your spine, namely 7 cervical (neck), 12 thoracic (back of chest), and 5 lumbar (loin). These rotate on ‘discs’ made of cartilage. By lengthening these discs, Growth Factor Plus increases the length of your spinal column, which in turn means an increase in height.

Ingredients are the main cause of such lofty promises and Growth Factor Plus has an unbeatable blend of...

Chromium GTF, as well as a proprietary unique combo of L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, L-Lsine, L-Glycine, L-Glutamine, Colostrum, Pituitary (Anterior) Pwd., and Phosphatidyl Choline Complex, all of which promote optimum growth.

The cartilage in your knee joints are one of the most adaptable in your body and they can grow under the right stimulus. By strengthening and thickening the cartilage in these joints, Growth Factor Plus promotes height increase through healthy growth.

Whether you are body building or involved in serious or casual athletics, this supplement comes prepared to strengthen and support your joints and bones while enhancing growth. The same applies to average people looking to grow taller.

How Growth Factor Plus Can Help You?

Here are the scientific facts... Most of the bones in a human body are originally made of cartilage; flexible bone structures. The skeleton in a foetus is completely made of cartilage and fibrous structures that only look like actual bones. It takes time and nutrition to transform these thin and flexible cells into full-fledged bones. This is how cartilage is replaced with calcified bone matrices.

Bone forming cells called osteoblasts constantly remodel and alter the cartilage, making actual bones out of them. In addition to such bone sculpting, you will also find cell resorbing processes.

Bones can change their density and shape size in connection to external stress or stimuli. Growth Factor Plus takes the healthy lane and makes you grow using this 100% scientific fact.

Growth Factor Plus - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Growth Factor Plus?

If your age is above 20 and looking for height growth supplements, then Growth Factor Plus is right option for you.

Dr. Recommended #1 Grow Taller Supplement in Singapore!

Brand Name

Purity Select (Hgh.com)

Do I need to have any sort of prescription?

No, Growth Factor Plus is 100% natural and you don’t need any prescription.

*Results may vary person to person (2-4 inches height growth)

Money-Back Guarantee

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Quality Assurance

Made in FDA Approved Labs

Recommended Dosage

Take 2 Pills daily (Follow the recommendation dosage mentioned in product label)

Serving per Bottle

60 Pills


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Where To Buy Height Growth Factor Plus In Singapore?

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No. Official Website Only!

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