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What Is Male Extra?


There are either pills or tools to help you with this. Your sexual performance is certainly going to benefit from these supplement pills designed through herbs and enhanced with science to make sure that your erections are hard as steel and that you last longer in bed with it.

Why Choose Male Extra?

In addition to all the benefits, you will also receive a free educational source that teaches you to improve the long-term health of your penis.

By improving control over ejaculation, Male Extra works to better your sexual performance and prolong its duration.

With no sideffects at all, you can certainly appreciate what this product has to offer.

With ace ingredients proven to increase your libido or sex drive, you can see remarkable improvement in your sexual desire levels, letting you have sex more often and do it along healthy lanes.

5 Reasons To Buy Male Extra

1. You will experience bigger and longer erections.

2. You will last longer during sex.

3. There is no financial risk to you. You can take advantage of the 90-day money back guarantee.

4.As penis enhancement options go, Male Extra has no sideffects at all. Being herbal in nature it gets you all the benefits and none of the downsides other erection improving products have been known to impart.

5. Your libido gets a massive boost. You can now have sex more often than you thought possible. And it is all done naturally.

How Male Extra Works?

The ingredients used are the main source of potential for these supplements. Here they are:

L Arginine – This amino acid is known to produce nitric acid, which is responsible for dilating nearby blood vessels. By increasing blood flow in the genital region, your penis gets the most benefit. Results: a rock-hard erection.

Zinc – Some people do not believe the health potential zinc has for men. Not only does it protect sperm from foreign pathogens or bodies, it also increases sperm count. That’s two superb sexual advantages from one mineral.

Cordyceps – Studies have proven how well this substance boosts a man’s sex drive. Needless to say how important it is in Male Extra.

Pomegranate + Niacin – This is the superhero combo used in Male Extra. With just 500g of the pure version of this ingredient blend in each Male Extra pill, you can see magnificent results.

After all, no other product uses this much niacin and pomegranate in their blends, if they use these substances at all. By enhancing the hardness of your penis, this ingredient combo simultaneously solves any erection troubles you might have. By reducing your tiredness levels and enhancing the integrity of the membranes around your penile organ, you get steel erections while also enjoying a boost to your sex drive.

How Male Extra Can Help You?

The best factor about Male Extra is that it can be succesful for any man. Not only does it help you get an erection, it even boosts sex drive (libido) and solves any erectile dysfunctions you might currently have. With no sideffects and all-natural ingredients, Male Extra is the last healthy word in confident masculine sexual performance.

Male Extra - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Male Extra?

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Do I need to have any sort of prescription?

It is 100% natural and you don’t need any prescription.

Money-Back Guarantee

60 Days Full Money Back Guarantee

Quality Assurance

Made in FDA Approved Labs, 100% Natural

Recommended Dosage

Take 3 Pills daily (preferably with breakfast)

Serving per Bottle

90 Pills


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