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What Is Penomet?


The increasingly popular Penompet penis pump is not just aesthetic and simple to use, it is 100% effective. The suction gaiters are even more comfy than any other brand’s. Water based penis pumps (hydro pumps) like Penompet have proven to be more effective than air based ones.

Why Choose Penomet?

The heat in the water works through the pump to relax and expand your blood vessels. This means no warm-up or warm-down processes like you may have experienced with other pumps.

The length, girth and size of the penis increases and lasts longer, upto 4-6 hours from first use.

There is more oxygenated blood flow to the penis and such improved blood flow means stronger erections.

There are several colors, but the simple transparent colorless one is best so you can see results clearly.

5 Reasons To Buy Penomet

1. Being the largest water based penis pump, it is suitable for any penis size. It is also the most upgradeable. The suction gaiters can be replaced without the need to purchase another penis pump altogether.

2. It has the longest after-duration of length, size and girth; 4-6 hours.

3. With minimal compression force applied along your penis, Penomet achieves maximum expansion rates.

4. There is very little discomfort even when more water is forced into the Penomet. The higher the hydro froce vacuum the more your penis is encouraged to expand.

5. The more you use this excellent penis pump the bigger your blood vessels become. This means increased blood flow to your penile tissues and therefore harder and longer erections.

How Penomet Works?

You use it in the shower or bathtub so you can use the water to power the hydro pump. You can still use it without water.

Fill it with hot or warm water, place it over your penis and press against your body so the suction gaiters stick against your hips. The silicon gaiter is strong enough to hold the whole pump against your body even without you holding it in place.

Any excess water will leave through a valve at the top of the pump.

You can also use it while standing up but be sure to change the suction gaiter so the extra water hanging down will not drop the pump. Showers in tubs make away with this inconvenience.

The Penomet stimulates an erection naturally even in the case of a flaccid penis. 15 minutes later, you will see a longer flaccid penis. This lasts for 6 hours afterwards.

Use it 5 days in a row and you see at least a quarter inch increase in girth. When your penis becomes erect, the sight is even more noticeable. The results are not permanent so regular use is a good idea.

How Penomet Can Help You?

With smart warranty features and utmost safety and comfort in design and use, the Penomet is the number one water based penis pump on the market, delivering strong and guaranteed results. Regular use results in 1-3 inch length increase and 30% thickness increase. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Penomet - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Penomet?

If you are searching for CGS(Toxin-free), RoHS (Class1) certified Penis Gaiter Pump. Then, Penomet is right option for you.

Dr. Recommended #1 Penis Gaiter Pump in Singapore!

Brand Name

Arctic Sea Limited

Worldwide Popularity

Over 500,000+ units sold worldwide

Do I need to have any sort of prescription?

No prescription required to buy this pump.

Money-Back Guarantee

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Does it fit to my size?

Select according to your size, there are five different gaiter available:

5. 60, 65,70,75 and 80 Gaiter


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