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What Is Peyronies Device?


This medical type 1 penis curvature straightening device helps straighten both types of curvatures – the naturally curved penis and the one affected by Peyronies disease where the curve is often downwards but can also display left, right and up angles.

Either way, sexual performance can be affected and can be discomfiting and even painful for your partner. The Peyronies device comes equipped to handle this and ‘straighten things out’.

Why Choose Peyronies Device?

Capable of causing weaker erections and shorter penis lengths, you can certainly appreciate what the Peyronies device can do for you.

Even if your penis is naturally curved, meaning you are not a Peyronies patient, you can still see marked results from this device.

5 Reasons To Buy Peyronies Device

1. Backed up by science and clinical research and trials, as well as endorsed by doctors, the Peyronies device is sideffect-free and works naturally to straighten your penis with no harm or discomfort to you.

2. If the product does not work for you, returns are possible within 6 months and you get a full refund.

3. It targets only the bent portion and through scientifically observed pressure application, encourages cell duplication and consequent penis straightening over time.

4. There are absolutely no sideffects. This is a completely natural process.

5. Peyronies disease, unlike natural penile curvature, happens when a lump or plaque build-up causes a painful bend in your man-part. The Peyronies device is designed to painlessly resolve that through natural means.

How Peyronies Device Works?

It essentially ‘exercises’ your penis back into shape. After you have strapped it onto your man-part, the side that is bent will feel more pressure. This side will gradually and organically follow the path of least resistance and over time regain the straightness encouraged by the Peyronies device.

By targeting only the shorter or bent side of the penis, the device urges regional cells to duplicate until there is a similar amount of cells on the shorter side as on the normal one. Your penis therefore naturally straightens out without undue force being applied.

As part of the package you also receive detailed and simple guidelines on how to use the device, from strapping to whatnot. You also have bonus equipment like Directional Noose Straightening (for left/right curves), the Perfect Grip system and Multi-Head; depending on the product vendor.

Through these or even just the original equipment piece, the Peyronies device applies steady traction along the penis length. This stretches the penis in a natural and secure fashion, without any discomfort or pain.

How Peyronies Device Can Help You?

With sufficient clinical trials and research, the Peyronies device has proven to work for all penis shapes and sizes, as well as different curvatures. Up, down, left and right curves are not uncommon among men. These can either be natural curves or induced by the Peyronies disease in which case the patient will feel pain due to the lump that causes the penis to curve.

You do not need surgery or expensive treatments to help resolve this matter.All you need is the Peyronies device that uses natural cell replication and traction to straighten your manhood.

Peyronie’s Device - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Peyronie’s Device?

Are you suffering from Peyronie’s Disease? And your main concern is “how to fix your curved penis” or “bent penis” then your right choice should be Peyronie’s Device.

Dr. Recommended #1 Penis Curvature Straightening & Treating Device in Singapore!

Brand Name

DanaMedic ApS

Worldwide Popularity

Over 100,000+ units sold worldwide

Do I need to have any sort of prescription?

No prescription required!

Money-Back Guarantee

6 Months Money Back Guarantee

Does it fit to my size?

Yes Of Course, follow the manual, super easy to use or contact award winning support team anytime for help.


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