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What Is Testo Max (Sustanon 250)?

Touted to be the ultimate in safe and natural body building supplements, let alone the first of all anabolic drugs, Testosterone Max is the all-natural answer to muscle building. When the word testosterone comes up in line with muscles, anyone would say that one can’t do without the other. Testosterone Max packs it in sufficient quantities, making this the best muscle-builder of all, and something all men looking for that ripped figure should certainly know about.

Why Choose Testosterone Max?

It boosts your testosterone levels naturally so you gain added power and strength for workouts.

You see better recovery times after workouts so you can go about other business and still be able to exercise again when the time comes.

Testosterone Max is 100% natural and has absolutely no sideffects.

You can now start gaining lean muscle mass thanks to the fresh testosterone inflow in your body.

5 Reasons To Buy Testosterone Max

1. You can perform more intense workouts and not worry about strain or stress during each session. In fact, you even get faster post-workout recoveries, meaning less fatigue.

2. With twice the Tribulus Terrestris extracts compared to any other product, Testosterone Max comes with a standardized saponin level of 45%, adding to its result-oriented potential.

3. Most experts say Testosterone Max is an excellent alternative to remedying erectile dysfunction, meaning your sex life is going to get a boost as well.

4. You can see results in about two weeks. Imagine what this can do for your dating, career and other life-factors in general.

5. Displaying both androgenic and anabolic properties, protein synthesis and consequent muscle mass gains are enhanced.

How Testosterone Max Works?

Focusing on the natural hormone testosterone, this all-natural product increases its levels in your body relying on Tribulus Terrestris extracts.

The first internal zone to be influenced is the pituitary gland, which is then inspired to release more lutenizing hormone.

This in turn is communicated to the testes and stimulates them into producing more testosterone.

Additional testosterone, as brought on by Testosterone Max, is a great thing. It helps promote more protein synthesis, which results in more red blood cells that then carry more oxygen to all your cells, including the muscles.

Nitrogen retention is therefore increased as a result of the above. More nitrogen not lost through sweat or other means results in more protein-making potential. Extra protein, extra muscle.

Your abs, biceps and pecs are going to be really glad with what Testosterone Max can do for them.

How Testosterone Max Can Help You?

Being the most influential hormone to encourage muscle mass gains, the inclusion of Tribulus Terrestris extracts in Testosterone Max increases this hormone the natural and safe way by taking the matter to your pituitary gland (in the brain).

The results are fast and speak for themselves. With absolutely no sideffects and all the benefits, people are already agreeing that Testosterone Max is a worthy bodybuilding investment.

Testo-Max (Sustanon) - Frequently Asked Questions

Steroids Mimics

Sustanon 250, Sustanon 100, Sustanon 350

Brand Name

Crazy Bulk


3 Pills with water approx. 20 min before your workout

Non-workout Days

You should take 1 pill with each main meal of the day, but no more than 3 Pills per day.

Recommended Cycle

2 Months ON and 1.5 Weeks OFF.

Serving per Bottle

90 Pills

Recommended Stack

Testo-Max can be stacked with cutting (Read more), bulking (Read more) or ultimate stack (Read more).


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